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From Idea to Market on a budget

Do you have an idea for a new product but unsure who you can ask or turn to for advice?

Does every one you ask for professional advice want to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars for little bits of information, charging by the hour even if the advice is not helpful?

What if people take advantage of me?


From idea to market are chapters explaining how i created Ranga Grips, starting From nothing but an idea and turning it into a physical product and bring it to market.


I include chapters on how i created a solution to a common problem and brought it to market with no prior experience. Each Chapter goes through the lessons i learnt and the errors where i wasted money so you do not need to go through the same experience. If you wish to bring your idea to market, these chapters are going to help get you there.

So many people may tell you that you need millions of dollars to create and make a product and, it is just not true. From some one that was a carpenter for over 15 years, you too are able to learn new skills and new ways of thinking for problem solving and creation. Being involved in an industry gives you an inside view to where problems arise that are just waiting for a solution. If you have a similar problem in your industry than there may be many others that potentially are feeling the same frustration just waiting for someone like you to create the product or service that solves their pain.

Adding each chapter as it is written we will be looking into how to find your first problem to solve, how to look for a solution, product development all the way to manufacturing, marketing and selling your product. Gone are the days that you need to get your idea into the big chains to sell a product, who seem to want most of your potential profits. Wouldn't you rather keep the profits so you can grow your business and create more products that solve common problems?

Each new chapter  is uploaded as they are written. Each explaining my processes, experiences and the lessons i have learnt, what to ask yourself and professional services that you may contract to complete certain tasks. When you understand how things work they become less frightening and that is what i want for the readers. To start creating their idea with more knowledge so they can avoid mistakes and long learning curves.

1. Find the Problem create the solution

2. Product development

3. Brand building

4. Patents, designs and trade Marks

5. Manufacturing and logistics 

6. Product Pricing

7. Graphic design and packaging

8. Website and social media building

9. Relationship building and negotiation skills

10. Growth beyond the first product

11. Business lessons and cost effective strategies, how to make the most of your money.


Each Chapter is a immediate downloadable PDF after purchase - No waiting to receive your chapter.

Each PDF chapter is yours to keep.


Lets get started together.

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