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We create tools that help you finish jobs sooner and return home to family safe.

roof safety

Solve a recurring Problem

The Problem: The roof is too steep to finish work on the gable eaves, or roof is wet from rain or morning dew.

The Solution: To create a tool which provides secure footing, increases safety and avoids damaging the roof structure or finish. 

Ranga Grips™ Roof Safety Brackets provides the solution, avoiding costly damage to the roof and reducing safety risks.

roof safety on a steep roof

Remove risks

Trades feel more confident working on those steep roofs with secure footing.

As a result their productivity is increased.

Quick installation

The RangaGrips™ Roof Safety bracket's keyhole securing feature provides fast and secure installation, eliminating the need to completely remove the existing roof screw.

Works with standard size (70mm by 35mm) timber.


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